68. notowanie Mocnej Listy

1.(2) Anti Tank Nun – If you are going through hell, keep going (http://youtu.be/1pO4nOIy-FY)
2.(4) Metallica – Ride The Lightning (http://youtu.be/uebInqG1pJI)
3.(N) Sirenia – The other Side (http://youtu.be/njPWBTIv9qw)
4.(3) Machine Head – Locust (http://youtu.be/2jGZJxnJk-4) (http://youtu.be/2jGZJxnJk-4)
5.(7) Craddle of Filth – Nymphetamine (http://youtu.be/6dW6aNAZGTM)
6.(1) Jelonek – ViolMachine (http://youtu.be/WsUHaqRqvok) (http://youtu.be/WsUHaqRqvok)


Deathstars – Metal (http://youtu.be/R5-8JpdRQdk)
Twisted Sister – The Price (http://youtu.be/UpfZcEjopYE)


Welcome To The Jungle (cover) – Jailbreak (http://youtu.be/yuugXf0mqUU)
Tenacius D – Rize of The Fenix (http://youtu.be/F1ywuLzpwSE)
DragonForce – Heroes of Our Time (http://youtu.be/lRt54xjIq7w)

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