27. notowanie Mocnej Listy

1.(3) Within Temptation – Faster http://youtu.be/jDJpf2mQ0w4
2.(6) Ilusion – To co ma nadejść http://youtu.be/FsM_fsunXf0
3.(N)Limp Bizkit – Head For The Barricade http://youtu.be/TZXxw6h8v4U
4.(N )Iron Maiden – Run to the Hills http://youtu.be/eDd-GXkMrJs
5.(2) Guns N Roses Paradise City http://youtu.be/NqTuN-35580
6.(4) Nightwish – Meadows Of Heaven http://youtu.be/iTif4koVr7M
7.(5) Stratovarius – Elysium – http://youtu.be/ikDS1TBAElo


Thorn.Eleven – Pernament state of mind http://irq5.wrzuta.pl/audio/6Are5Vs3FM5/thorn.eleven_-_permanent_state_of_mind
Apocalyptica  – Not Strong Enough feat. Brent Smith http://youtu.be/xA3Wj-Zv6VQ
Moonspell – Everything Invaded http://youtu.be/4sk5vIfoD4k

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