195. notowanie Mocnej Listy

1.(3)[6] Avantasia – Dying For An Angel (feat. Scorpions’ Klaus Meine) http://youtu.be/quH_vUCdy2o
2.(1)[33] Bucovina – Mestecanis http://youtu.be/0y-bbtYaY_c
3.(N)[1] Korpiklaani – Sahti https://youtu.be/-RJ-MuA0GjQ
4.(2)[9] Infinita Symphonia – The Ilusion https://youtu.be/lLpdGCDlTUY
5.(6)[3] Twilight Force – Enchanted Dragon Of Wisdom http://youtu.be/Yehh-j1B-v8
6.(4)[8] Kamelot – Forever https://youtu.be/yu2zfR65dSI


[1] Green Jelly – Three Little Pigs


Origin – Absurdity of What I Am https://youtu.be/m7rIklYHLHM
Iced Earth – Stand Alone https://youtu.be/e0E1rSS5Bkw
Galneryus – There’s No Escape https://youtu.be/nGvVm1FCDHI
Ankh – 24 (Paganini) https://youtu.be/otxIiJwgv2k

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