131. notowanie Mocnej Listy

1.(2,6) Lingua Mortis Orchestra feat. Rage – Cleansed By Fire http://youtu.be/ppwRCoxScls
2.(N) Rhapsody – Magic of Wizard’s Dream http://youtu.be/kcz-Q_do2RA
3.(N) Sonata Arctica – Nothing More http://youtu.be/3dyKyGMN8I4
4.(N) Rhapsody Of Fire – Tornado http://youtu.be/sU342o3c8Go
5.(1,4) Shinedown – Enemies http://youtu.be/OoHGZFyMCHU
6.(N) Stone Sour – Do Me A Favor http://youtu.be/OU-N6J8U6iE
7.(6,2) At Vance – Princess of Ice http://youtu.be/YiETbWfVGOc
8.(3,2) Lordi – Devil Is A Loser http://youtu.be/hZjZoJFTOo


Accept – Kill The Pain
Papa Roach – Where did the angels go


Helloween – The King For A 1000 Years http://youtu.be/O5aIZv-Auxk
Saxon – Unleash The Beast http://youtu.be/vudHl-cE32s
Blind Guardian – Valhalla http://youtu.be/qUlK3S_9IOo

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