127. notowanie Mocnej Listy

1.(3,2) Primal Fear – Metal is forever (http://youtu.be/_TB74NKtdmg)
2.(2,9) Arch Enemy – My Apocalypse (http://youtu.be/mZM-d2qD15E)
3.(1,2) Lingua Mortis Orchestra feat. Rage – Cleansed By Fire (http://youtu.be/ppwRCoxScls)
4.(N) Gamma Ray – Empress (http://youtu.be/f2qEvqXocsQ)
5.(4,16) Powerwolf – Die, Die Crucified (http://youtu.be/k7ZcvDHX44o)
6.(6,3) Alter Bridge – Metalingus (http://youtu.be/cI19ydvjJjs)


Riverside – Conceiving You


Accept – Kill The Pain  (http://youtu.be/520-uCDQm00)
Godsmack – Cryin’ Like A Bitch (http://youtu.be/0eXIOK2vOhM)
Aria – Грязь (http://youtu.be/rXKL0Dq6ALk)
Helloween – Dr. Stein (http://youtu.be/3FFTQRmsK0k)
Shinedown – Enemies (http://youtu.be/OoHGZFyMCHU)
Machine Head – Imperium (http://youtu.be/Ys1rRnG6vzM)

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