105. notowanie Mocnej Listy

1.(N) ACCEPT – Teutonic Terror (http://youtu.be/req-oDf2ZRc)
2.(2) Ankh – Kraina Umarłych (http://youtu.be/5NGJoG0MBv2)
3.(5) Paradise Lost- Theories From Another World (http://youtu.be/Gfx1gcj6sNw)
4.(3) Rammstein – Ich Will (http://youtu.be/f4K6ZxDwi34)
5.(4) HELLOWEEN – Nabataea (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F3XJ48a6fqg)
6..(1) Andrus – Glany i pacyfki (http://youtu.be/SSPlWhM6if8)


Swallow the Sun: Don’t Fall Asleep


Soundgarden – live to rise (http://youtu.be/1GX2RtvIiu4)
Percival – Pocałunek (http://youtu.be/ErS5CS0kF9s)
Mumford and Sons – Little Lion Man (http://youtu.be/X7bHe–mp1g)

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